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You will have heard the announcement that new Coronavirus restrictions are being put into place across Bridgend County from 6pm on Tuesday 22nd September.

Now let's focus on your future fitness with National Fitness Day...

September is always a good month to get moving (there’s that lovely start-back-to-school and get-fit-after-staycation feel that spurs people on) and National Fitness Day focuses hearts and minds. This year it falls on 23rd of September and aims to shine a light on the role physical activity plays in keeping us well and helping us lead active lives.

1. The weather is warm, the evenings are still light and while schools are back - don’t lose those family walks you enjoyed during lockdown. Before or after school.

Since lockdown in March, cycling’s star has risen in the discussions about how to keep fit, and how to get about without going on a bus.

Here’s six things you should know before you jump in…

If you gained a few pounds while you were locked inside, you’re not alone (a recent survey showed 48% of us have!). Some research suggests that almost half of us have put on weight since March, even with best efforts to do some home-based exercise. The thousands of steps we usually walk (to work, school, around the shops) keeps the calories burning and without them it was easy for the pounds to creep on. But it isn’t hard to melt them off, we promise. 

Did you know during lockdown that Halo members have discovered five amazing things about fitness?

That they can work out with their kids. Who knew how kids love to dance, run, and even help with floor exercises? Why not do an online fun workout together.Halo@HOME allows you to enjoy exercise in the convenience of your front room (or back garden!) Choose from children/family friendly classes. Get your FREE 14 day trial HERE

Your swimming teachers and all of the staff at your local Halo pool are really looking forward to seeing our swimmers again when lessons restart later this month.  We have made a number of changes to ensure your visits are safe and enjoyable...

Until The Bromyard Centre reopens why not work out & wind down at another Halo centre?