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We live in a world where many people living with disabilities or mobility issues still don’t get to enjoy the amazing benefits of cycling. But we are trying to change that.

Halo Leisure is on a mission to break down the barriers too many people face when it comes to taking part in and benefiting from the joy of exercise and our ADAPTIVE CYCLES found at Hereford Leisure Pool which play a key part in this work. They don’t only deliver physical benefits (for many cycling on these bikes is easier than walking), but also reduce social isolation, promote a sense of freedom and empowerment (there is no better way to enjoy the parks around the city), enhance emotional wellbeing, and, of course, can be enormous fun.

Join us at one of our pools (Hereford Leisure Pool, Maesteg Swimming Pool & Ynysawdre Swimming Pool) taking part in the new Disney inspired themed pool adventures, with Disney’s most-loved characters, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Disney• Pixar’s Toy Story, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Friends plus key characters from the upcoming Disney Frozen 2. 

The NEW Active Ledbury membership offers the best value for money if you want to work out and wind down using the facilities at Ledbury Swimming Pool.

 The NEW Active Leominster membership offering the best value for money if you want to work out and wind down at Leominster Leisure Centre.

Swimsuits ready, picnic packed, suncream on? The outdoor pool at the Severn Centre is NOW open for the summer season. So swimsuits packed please, and walk this way…

There are people who can't resist a bit of open water. Socks and shoes off they're in for a paddle or back with their swimming costume and a towel to test the water the next day. They know the joy of floating on their back under an open sky, especially when they haven't had to fork out an air fare for the privilege. And when the pool is on their doorstep they know the joy of doing this week in and week out until Autumn arrives on the doorstep.

Shout out to all you superstars who have run the Race for Life this year. This is the the perfect, pink community event to raise funds for Cancer Research (and there are more of the same going on across the country this summer). We know how hard the runners have worked to get to the starting line, just how much good they do and how many new running converts come to Halo afterwards determined not to let training stop at the finish post and fundraising goal. Are you one of them?

Our top 3 healthy gifts for fathers day this year includes...

Men are, at last, talking about and acting on their health more often and more openly. And that's got to be thanks in large part of the wonderful Men's Health Week. The organisers, Men's Health Forum, know one in five men die before the age of 65, and they're determined to change that.  This year's Week (10th-16th June) it's all about numbers. The ones we need to know, the ones we need to act on. Here are just three of them for starters…

Halo's passionate about it's swimming classes, and know that thousands of children have learned this life saving skill in the pools we manage. But we also know that drowning is still a leading cause of child accidental death and that’s something we are determined to help change.

We all know someone (and Halo know scores of members) who care for a friend or family member because they're ill, living with a disability, or simply need extra help as they grow older. They are part of a 6.5 million strong army in the UK and the economy would collapse without them. This year's Carers Week (10th-16th June) is about helping carers get connected.