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Your Membership

A 14 day cooling off period is offered to all new Members. All monies paid in respect of membership will be refunded in full should you, for whatever reason, wish to terminate this agreement within 14 days of joining.

Halo reserves the right to refuse any application for membership, terminate a membership or refuse admission to any of its facilities.

Halo reserves the right to amend or withdraw benefits offered with any of its memberships.

Memberships are not transferable.

For your membership security, you will be asked to have your photograph taken for our membership records.

If you pay monthly by Direct Debit and which to amend any of your membership details please contact 01432 804391 or

Membership Payments

A registration fee and up-front payment is required before the first of the payments is taken from your account in respect of the following month’s membership.

All membership payments are made in advance of the membership period.

Should your Direct Debit date fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday your payment will be collected on the nearest date thereafter.

In the event of a Direct Debit processing error, (i.e. incorrect bank details, insufficient processing time or insufficient funds) missed payments must be paid at your local Halo Centre.

Missed and failed payments are subject to an administration charge.

Halo members paying by Direct Debit will be advised of any price increases at least 10 days in advance.

Members who pay monthly by Direct Debit and want to pay outstanding balances should contact 01432 804391 or

Paid in Full memberships are committed to the membership period and cannot be transferred to a different user. No refunds will be given after the initial 14 day cooling off period.

Paid in Full memberships will not renew automatically each year.

Membership Cancellation

You may cancel your membership by giving notice at least 28 days before your next membership payment is due by email to or by contacting your centre directly. Notice of cancellation received less than 28 days before the next membership payment will be held and resubmitted on your behalf 28 days before the subsequent membership payment.

Courses paid for by Direct Debit may cancel by giving notice at least 7 days notice before the next course payment is due.

Halo may use a third party agent to pursue any outstanding debt owed.

Concessionary Membership

Concessionary memberships are subject to 12 month revalidation. When the concession expires, the membership payment will still be collected but access to the facilities may be refused until proof of entitlement is received.

Freezing Your Membership

You can put your membership on hold (for example due to pregnancy or a medical condition) for 1-2 months without cancelling your Membership. An administration fee may be charged for this facility. For members paying by monthly by direct debit, you can freeze your membership by calling 01432 804391 or emailing


Access to Halo Centres

Access to Halo Centres is subject to availability during the advertised programme and opening hours.

Although every attempt will be made to keep to the published programme, Halo reserves the right to change opening times and activities. We will endeavour to give appropriate notice should this happen, however some activities may not be able to take place due to unforeseen circumstances.

In taking out a Halo Membership, members agree to follow the Rules and Regulations of their centre of use as displayed.

Halo reserves the right to close centres for cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment work. Prior notice will be given for such work unless circumstances outside of Halo’s control create the necessity for immediate works.

If a facility is not available due to large scale maintenance or refurbishment, Halo Members have the option of maintaining their membership and using another Halo centre or suspending their membership for the duration of the closure.

Opening Times

All Centres will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. We may offer a reduced service on Bank Holidays, and over the Christmas and Easter periods.

Bookings and Cancellations

Members may book activities from 7am, up to 14 days in advance.

Members may cancel their pre-booked sessions and classes up to two hours before the start time of the activity. Late cancellations may result in a charge being levied or booking privileges being temporarily suspended.

Non-attendance will result in charges for the session being levied.

Halo Membership Cards

Your Halo Membership Card must be presented on each visit or the standard charge will apply.

Halo Membership Cards are not transferable.

Damaged, lost or stolen cards must be reported. A replacement card fee will be charged.

The discovery of any false information leading to the issue of a Halo Membership Card could result in its cancellation and appropriate action being taken.

At some Halo Centres, facial recognition replaces membership cards. Refer to Halo's Privacy Promise regarding data protection and security. Where face recognition systems are in place, there is no need to bring your card.

Data Protection

Information you have provided will be retained by Halo for the period of your membership.

Information is held in a secure data centre and is not permitted on employee PC’s, laptops, memory sticks or other portable hardware. Information will be shared with security cleared parties for the purpose of administering your membership. We will never sell or lease your information to a third party.

You can find our Privacy Policy on our website at

If you have any question or concerns around please data privacy contact us via email at

Group Memberships

Please note that Group Memberships for Clubs and Active Together (Corporate) Members are governed by the same terms and conditions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your membership or would like more information about our centres and services then please contact us on:

Tel: 01432 842075


For members who pay monthly by Direct Debit, questions relating to requests to cancel, freeze, amend details, pay outstanding balances, should be directed to 01432 804391 or