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Hello, we're Halo!

Halo is a registered charity and social enterprise running 22 sport and leisure centres throughout Herefordshire, Bridgend County Borough, Shropshire, Swindon and Gloucestershire on behalf of the local authorities. We often discuss our status as a social enterprise, but many of our customers are unsure of what it actually means and more importantly, how it benefits them. Being a social enterprise means Halo trades for social purposes. We are a registered charity and 'not for profit' organisation, with no shareholders.

The money we make is ploughed back into the facilities. This allows us to keep our costs low and offer outstanding value for money. Basically, when our customers spend money with us, we largely reinvest this into Halo services. So users are helping to sustain leisure activities for everyone across the county to enjoy – from pre and post natal exercise classes, babies in the ‘Swim-A-Song’ sessions, specialist exercise classes for people with MS, to toddlers at Gymnastics and to Senior group exercise classes.

But that's only the start of the story…

Our Service

"We are dedicated to providing the best sport and leisure choices…"

In any one day at any one Halo Centre, you will find a mix of people coming through the doors who tell our story. Sportsmen and women making their daily visit for training, often for regional or national competitions. Families coming to relax, pool gear tucked under their arm, and huge smiles on their faces; women and girls coming to exercise together, many putting on their trainers for the first time after years of thinking sport wasn't for them; working people working out at lunchtimes or after hours; older people coming to one of our bespoke exercise classes, or to find out how our team - in partnership with their GP - can help them recover from a bout of ill health and teams of young people piling in to hire bikes, play badminton, go climbing or to swim together…
All ages, backgrounds, abilities and disabilities sharing in the one magical thing that is sport and leisure.

Our Business

"We plough every surplus penny we make back into the services we provide…"

They are what Halo is all about. Everything we do is designed to make sure we reach everyone across the counties where we work. In both counties we are dedicated to providing the best kind of sport and leisure choices, and the chance to enjoy them in first class facilities. We notch up millions of visits each year and, as a charity and 'not-for-profit' social enterprise we are able to plough every penny we make back into the services we provide. 

We have been able to invest millions in upgrading Halo Centres. In Wales we recently opened the doors to our new Bridgend Life Centre, and have been upgrading facilities across Bridgend County. In Herefordshire we gave Hereford Leisure Pool a complete makeover and we're now working on Hereford Leisure Centre, and our facilities in Leominster and Ross-on-Wye. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our accreditation from Quest (the leisure sector's equivalent of OFSTED). All of our Centres are rated 'Highly Commended' or 'Excellent' by Quest.

Our Community

"This would not be possible without you, and your commitment to your own good health…"

Of course all these developments are made possible by our proud partnership with both the Council in Herefordshire and Bridgend County Borough and our wonderful Board of Trustees. We know our continued success and growth would not be possible without their support, and the hard work and dedication of everyone on our teams across our centres. But most of all it would not be possible without you. Your commitment to yours and your family's health, happiness and wellbeing is what drives every new initiative, and every new development. So keep coming through our doors and telling us how you feel…

Our Committment to the Welsh speaking community

We do everything we can to communicate with our users who are Welsh speakers from providing our joining information, pricing, website, newsletters, timetables, annual reports, internal and external signage in both Welsh and English. Click here to see our current Welsh Language Policy. We are also working on embracing Welsh Language Standards relating to social media

Our Annual Reports


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Welsh Edition


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Our Board of Trustees

Reg Curtis 88 2

Reg Curtis- Chairman

Reg Curtis joined the Halo Board of Trustees in August 2018 after retiring to rural Herefordshire. He brings a wealth of commercial and leadership experience in parallel sectors to Halo, having worked in senior positions in the retail, catering and leisure sectors. Reg held a number of senior positions prior to retirement including CEO of NAAFI, Managing Director at Alpha Airports Group and Commercial Director at Safeway and at WH Smith. He has also held various senior commercial roles within Tesco including that of Deputy CEO of Tesco Hungary. Reg has worked as a Non Executive Director, advisor and consultant to a number of customer facing organisation including Dominos, Compass and First Quench Retailing.

His interests include bowling, flying and competitive target shooting.



RWP 5789

Steve Brewster

Partnership Director

Sports Partnership Herefordshire & Worcestershire

RWP 5780

Amelia Cavaghan

Amelia was a prize-winning Chartered Accountant, from Touche Ross & Co. She graduated with dual honours in Geography and Geology from Sheffield University and was awarded a Business Leadership Diploma by Ashridge Business School.Her business career included Financial Director roles of several large transport companies across the country.She served many years as Treasurer and Trustee of the local Youth charity - KPC Youth.Since retiring she has enhanced her voluntary work with roles as the Warehouse Team Leader at Bridgend County Foodbank & Treasurer for Emmaus South Wales. Her garden renovation is a major leisuretime project.

RWP 5784

Ken Bush

Ken has spent a lifetime in education, first as an English teacher and eventually becoming a secondary headteacher in the Forest of Dean. In 2008, Ken decided to take a slight career change becoming an Ofsted inspector. He worked as a Senior Inspector for Tribal Education for six years and has just completed a spell working as a Senior Researcher for Ofsted.

During his career, Ken has maintained a passion for sport and physical activity. His headship was in a specialist Sports College and so he is well versed in the importance of developing and sustaining fitness for life.

Ken is also a lifelong participant in a range of sports and is a self-confessed football fanatic and avid Bulls fan! He has also coached local youth football teams and is a qualified referee. During his time in education, Ken was a governor for both a primary school and an FE college. Ken has been a member and regular attendee at Hereford Leisure Centre for over 12 years.


Mike Rendal

Mike Rendall retired at the end of 2021 after 42 years performing various IT roles in both public and private sectors with organisations such as Barclays, Cable & Wireless, Christies, Dell and the Research Councils. He's been married to Sandra since 1984 and have 2 grown up children and 2 lovely granddaughters.

Mike has lived in Highworth since 2005 and since retirement, become a regular visitor to the Highworth Recreation Centre. Hobbies include long walks in the country with his terrier Daisy and paddle boarding on the Thames and local canals when the weather allows.

Mike has always loved music and plays bass guitar in a folk band with his son Joe ( they are called Splat the Rat - if you want to look them up on Facebook or YouTube).


Clare Edginton

Clare is a HR professional with broad generalist experience gained in a variety of sectors, including local government, facilities management, construction, professional services and technology.  

Clare moved to Herefordshire in 2021, and is enjoying living in Ledbury and getting to know the surrounding area.  She has an interest in health and wellbeing and is enthusiastic about all things active and outdoors.  In her spare time, she enjoys running, cycling, tennis and long walks exploring the countryside accompanied by golden retriever Ted. 


Graham Hotchen

Graham has lived in Herefordshire for 37 years following a career in the oil industry and subsequently as an independent financial consultant within a variety of sectors. He has been a regular HALO gym user since 2002 and a firm advocate of the role that HALO has to offer in Wellbeing. Graham is a non Executive Member of of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board as Audit Chair.

In his spare time, Graham is a keen gardener and pilot, with Helicopter, Fixed wing and Gyrocopter licenses.


Ross Whelan

Ross joined the Board of Trustees in 2023. He has over 23 years’ experience in the financial services sector, working for a number of global institutions and holding senior roles in the Audit, Compliance and Technology functions. Currently he is the European Head of Surveillance for one of the largest banks in the world responsible for designing and implementing the firm’s Surveillance Target Operating Model.

Ross has lived in Herefordshire for over 11 years where he is the co-owner/ founder of Foxtail, a Herefordshire based multi award-winning Gin micro-distillery/school. Outside of his business activities he has been a business mentor for The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme since 2009, has served as a Parish Councilor and enjoys ultra running in his spare time - competing in both single and multi-day events such as the Marathon des Sable.

Irish by birth, Ross has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Master’s in Business Studies and Post Graduate in Computer Science from University College Dublin as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Master’s in Business Administration from Henley Management College.

IMG 2785


Justine is a marketing, brand and communications expert with over two decades of experience working with charities and not-for-profits focused on improving health and wellbeing. She has a first degree in Human Movement and Sports Science and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

Justine has a keen interest in sport and physical activity and has supported many community-based groups over the years. After working in various locations in the UK and overseas, she settled in Herefordshire in 2000. Along with the rest of her family, she enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, going to the gym and walking with her dog.