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All Halo centres to CLOSE from Friday 20th March 2020

Hi all, please see below for updates on swimming lessons and halo memberships at Hereford Leisure Pool and Ross Swimming Pool...

Here at Halo we reckon as well as flowers (always a hit), time to slow down and smell them is as valuable, if not more so. We are unashamedly advocating some mum and daughter/son exercise as the perfect way to secure this slow-down, one-to-one time out together, and as the perfect way to show your mum how much you love her. Want to know why?

This is the day when tens of thousands of people will look to give up smoking. In fact, since the day launched (over 35 years ago) the British Heart Foundation say some 1.5m have achieved their goal. They’ve not only found the health benefits that result but happiness ones too, with quitters reporting a new found energy for life, new hobbies to help others (just look at all the reformed smokers running marathons to raise funds), and new relationships with family and friends, not to mention new found cash (20-a-day smokers save over £2,500 a year after quitting). Could this year be your year?

Did you know that Sunday March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD) when this worldwide campaign will be championing equality and how, collectively, we can help create a gender equal world?

March 5 is World Book Day, part of our menu of good health...

There is a reason we love to have libraries linked to our centres (did you know we have libraries based in our centres at Bridgend, Bromyard, Craven Arms, Garw, Highley, Maesteg, and Ogmore) or love to see books packed into the gym bag for a wind down in the café after a workout

Check out our latest birthday party offer at the Severn Centre in Highley, Shropshire - available for any date booked in 2020.

Are you looking to improve your fitness CV and get some qualifications so you can start working in a gym, doing PT, or take casses?

That's right, 2 brand new shiny treadmills for you to use in our new fitness studio space, all for just £8.95 per month! - everything you need to get active with Halo.

Did you know that exercising together can boost your romantic relationship? We jest not. This is no new spin on couples who sweat together stay together or a way to get the heart rate up (though it does that). This is about studies – and there are plenty of them – showing couples who work out, sharing a common goal and supporting each other to better health, tend to work out more often, and feel closer as a result. Win Win!