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Golf has never been so popular, and there are so many reasons why. Just check out social media or think exercise, fresh air, friendship, a sport you can enjoy into old age, and courses all over the country and all over the world you can enjoy once you’ve learned the basics. It all starts, though, on our fabulous 9-hole par 35 golf course in Hereford which has just welcomed golf pro Stuart Rank, coach to some impressive international golfers and now ambitious to get more people into the game he loves.

Parent Portal allows you to view children's progress and achievements at swimming, gymnastics and trampolining lessons. It gives you an instant update on the child's progress at the end of every session. You can also find out what badge your child is working towards and what they need to master before they move onto the next stage.

Here's what you need to do....

Welcome to a health and fitness plan at your fingertips. By popular demand we have launced the Halo Leisure App for Bridgend Life Centre, the fastest way to check timetables, book classes and courts, and get going to get fit.

The Halo Leisure App is also available for Hereford Leisure Centre and Hereford Leisure Pool.

Runners, cyclists and swimmers put the date in your diary for 2019 Miners’ TRIal Triathlon so  you don’t miss out. It all happening at the Severn Centre in Highley on Sunday 19th May 2019 and more people take part and more money is raised every year. Organised by Bridgnorth and Severn Centre Triathlon Club and set in the heart of the Shropshire Hills, it promises to be a fabulous day.

With the new university term just around the corner (congrats to all you new starters), we wanted to help you with some college prep by offering a fabulous (and easy) way to keep fit, healthy and relaxed before you start. Our Student Leisure pass is loaded with 20 activities you can enjoy this month (or when you’re home in the months ahead).

Our tech team work hard to keep pools clean but those who don’t shower bring whatever junk is sitting on their skin after their workout in the gym or a busy day at work into the pool. We want you to share the pool (and all the benefits it brings), not the bacteria sitting on your skin when you dive in. Remember, clean bodies mean we need to use less chemicals to keep the water fresh...

Pick up a 10p discount on drinks by bringing along your own reusable cups to our cafes! Halo are always looking for new ways to save energy and reduce waste.  And we’ve made great strides reducing our carbon footprint in recent years.  We could use your help, though, when it comes to paper waste in our cafes....

Halo pride themselves on keeping our changing areas and pool sides clean and safe, and one sure way that helps is the use of overshoes. Thousands of people come through our doors every day in all weathers, in all footwear, and from all sorts of places (parks and playgrounds, fields and footpaths) and by encouraging them to remove their shoes in the changing room and poolside (or covering them up with our recycled overshoes).

 Everyone who enjoys sports activities in the hall at Maesteg Sports Centre will have seen the benefit from our conversion to LED lights. This has not only enhances your sporting experience (namely no more yellow tints on courts!) but will save energy too (and 60 per cent of the current annual energy bill).

Keep your kids busy on a Saturday morning by booking them onto our new active junior club at Ogmore Valley Life Centre every Saturday 9.30-11am for just £2.20 per child! 

 Activities include...