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Welcome to the most upbeat and accessible group fitness classes. Our motivational instructors welcome people of every age and ability every week and, by showing you how to perform aerobic moves in the pool, can help you tone up, increase stamina, burn fat, boost energy and relieve stress. The water supports joints as you workout but - because water’s 800 times denser than air - provides added resistance and support for a challenging workout.  Choose from our top 10:

Gentle Joints Aqua- A less intensive and ideal for beginners, older adults and those new to exercise.

Aqua Fit- A multi-level water based workout to music that offers both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning using the water’s resistance to tone the entire body which remove stress to joints.

Aqua Latino Dance- Bringing Zumba to the pool to create an addictive, fun workout for all ages and abilities. It incorporates all the fun of Zumba Fitness along with its vibrant instructors and music, as a water-based session, it is lower impact than Zumba on dry land.

Aqua Bootcamp- This intense class is designed for those who wish to obtain a full cardiovascular workout, while using the natural resistance of the water to help increase strength, power, endurance, and range of motion.

Aqua Aerobics- Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. This water aerobics workout is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.

Aqua Attack- Great for our water lovers! This high intensity dynamic conditioning workout includes cardio and muscle conditioning with easy to follow movements.

Aqua Cardio-Kick- High intensity water based exercise focusing on high volumes of leg work.

Aqua Circuits- Water based group exercise, with combinations of cardiovascular and strength exercises for total conditioning, whilst working at your own pace.

Aqua Resistance- A low impact resistance water based aerobics class providing a full body workout.

Mums in Motion- Experience the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise- a wonderful way to unwind and stay healthy during and after pregnancy.


Want to give an aqua group exercise class a go but not sure which one's for you?

We've tried to give you a flavour of our water fitness classes above. Still stuck? Speak to a fitness instructor at your local Halo pool and they will be happy to help you identify the right class.

What, when and where? Go to the web page for your local pool for a timetable of all the group exercise classes on offer in and out of the pool


Aqua fitness class £7 £5.70 £3.80 £3.80

The difference a membership makes

With a Active Halo Membership - you can enjoy fitness classes in and out of the pool, swimming, gyms, golf, spa facilities and toning suite. Even if you are only doing 2 classes a week, taking out a Active Halo Membership will save you money.