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If you use our centres at least twice a week, an Halo Black Membership offers brilliant value for money. You can basically enjoy everything on offer in all our centres: gyms, pools, group exercise classes, toning suite, Halo spa and saunas, Halo Golf and putting. As if this wasn’t enough you also get:

  • Use of facilities across all Halo centres in Herefordshire (Hereford, Leominster, Bromyard, Ross, Ledbury, Wigmore & Kington) also Bridgend County, Bridgnorth, Highley & Highworth
  • Fitness Activity Plan developed by a Halo fitness Instructor
  • Ongoing support, guidance and regular progress reviews
  • Motivational emails and healthy living tips
  • Member only privileges, for example online booking of fitness classes and racket courts up to 14 days in advance
  • Discounts and special offers at a range of local shops - just flash your Halo card
  • Hassle free direct debit payments
Halo Black Membership by Direct Debit (use of all Halo centres) £39.95 £30 £30
Active Hereford Membership by Direct Debit (use of Hereford Leisure Centre & Hereford Leisure Pool) £29.95 £20 £20
Active Ledbury Membership by Direct Debit (use of Ledbury Swimming Pool) £32 £20 £20
Active Ross Membership by Direct Debit (use of Ross Swimming Pool) £32 £20 £20 
Active Leominster Membership by Direct Debit (use of Leominster Leisure Centre) £29.95 £20 £20
Active Bromyard Membership by Direct Debit (use of the Bromyard Centre) £22.95 £20 £20 
Active Kington Membership by Direct Debit (use of Lady Hawkins Comunity Leisure Centre) £15.95 - -
Active Wigmore Membership by Direct Debit (use of Wigmore Leisure Centre) £14.95 - -


Gym Workout (requires Gym Card) £7.20 £6 £4 £4
Gym Card & Fitness Activity Plan £30 £30 £10 £10
One Off Gym Workout (without Gym Card) £11 £9 £7.60 £7.60
Group Exercise Class £7.20 £6 £4 £4

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