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We are on a mission to promote healthy living, and are seeing local people of all ages build practical steps into their daily routines to help them feel happier and healthier with amazing results.

If you’re referred to Halo by your GP we know that, for you, this may be a worrying time and keeping fit can be challenging. Be assured that our registered exercise professionals will find a regime that’s just right for you and then offer one-to-one support to gently increase your activity levels and quickly improve your overall health.  

We are currently working on updating the NERS South timetable (Welsh click here) and NERS North timetable (Welsh click here) which show all the activities on offer in Halo centres and venues around the county.

National Exercise Referral Scheme - supporting people back to good health  

What is the National Exercise Referral Scheme? It exists to support people (aged 16 and over) who are at risk of developing chronic disease by referring them to a high quality, supervised exercise programme to improve their health and wellbeing.

What happens after referral? We will support you to get more active which in turn helps you to be more healthy. There are a wide range of gym and class-based activities (depending on medical condition) for you to enjoy including:

- Strength and Balance
- Weight management
- Back care
- Cardiac classes
- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease classes
- Gym sessions
- Swimming
- Aqua Therapy
- Gentle exercise classes
- Nordic Walking
What are the benefits? The scheme will help you:
- Increase energy
- Improve health and wellbeing
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Improve mental and social wellbeing
- Manage your weight
- Reduce blood pressure
- Reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes
- Reduce the risk of some cancers
- Improve strength, mobility, coordination and balance
How do I access the Scheme? If you feel that you would benefit from the Scheme speak to your GP/practice nurse/health professional about being referred. Your GP or practice nurse will complete a referral form and provide you with a copy.

For further NERS information and local scheme click here  

Price: £2 per session or £37.50 for a 16 week membership 

Want a piece of the action? Give us a call on 01656 678862 or email or 

Before you start any type of exercise please read our Health Commitment Statement