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An interactive solution for organisations who acknowledge that assets are their business.

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What can it do?

There are multiple reasons why businesses choose WAM as a solution for their company. Learn more about WAM's key features here, click on the icon for more information:
  • Users

    Allow multiple users to access the system

    Provide secure access to the system for all of your staff, engineers and even external contractors, defining each user with their own tailored role for which elements of the system you wish to give them access to. Create as many users as you need, whether it’s across a single location or access required across multiple locations. All access and activities carried out throughout the system is audited to ensure you have a log of everything that all users are doing.

  • Assets

    Retain an asset inventory for your entire organisation

    Keep a record of all of your assets across one or many locations. Maintain a detailed inventory of serial numbers, makes and models. Use the system to manage your assets life cycle, understanding the value of each asset as it begins to get older, as well as identifying when the asset is likely to be beyond the recommended end of life period. Use the work request and PPM schedule services to manage maintenance and repairs of your assets.

  • Categories

    Categorise your business assets at each location

    Assigning categories across your assets, and within all of your locations, provides an effective way to report and group information at a management summary level. Identify the value you might have on all of your I.T. equipment or maybe pull together a summary of the life expectancy of all of your hygiene hand dryers to identify any upcoming and future replacement investment needs.

  • Locations

    Maintain multiple locations within the same system

    The system will allow you to manage your assets across one or many locations, allowing you to login to a single system and review what is going on across your entire organisation. Within each location you can also break things down further into sub-locations, so maybe the different areas of a leisure centre or the differing rooms and floors within a large conference suite facility. This allows you to report and compare between locations and direct resources and possibly funding where it is most needed.

  • PPM Schedule

    Monitor on-going maintenance work in one screen

    Ensure that you are keeping on top of routine maintenance, adhering to agreed service levels and ensuring health and safety compliance of your assets is being provided at the highest level possible. Maintain a schedule of when checks need to be carried out across many of your sites and facilities, whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or less frequent, you’ll be notified of all PPM tasks that need to be carried out at the point they need to be. Have confidence that you are meeting appropriate guidelines with all of your assets, carrying out routine maintenance and identify and track any problems or work requests that may need to be followed up. The system will also monitor to see whether PPM tasks are being carried out against defined timescales, indicating when tasks are carried out as scheduled or pinpointing if any have been missed or completed late.

  • Work Requests

    Trace fault reporting through to completion

    Providing a method of reporting and tracking any fault with any asset all the way through to completion. An effective way for recording issues raised through staff inspections, routine PPM maintenance tasks or notified to you via customers, ensuring everything is managed through to a final conclusion. All logs against an asset can be assessed against a priority and severity, identifying a timescale expectation for resolution, as well as being able to assign it to a member of staff, engineer or maybe even an external contractor.

  • Inspection

    Record daily inspections quickly and easily

    An efficient way of carrying out regular inspections at precise times of the day, may be a routine set of checks that need to be carried out on a regular or ad-hoc basis. The system will allow you to identify any checks that need to be done during a given day and across a given site, each check being logged and marked as “acceptable” or “unacceptable”. A notes section allows for the capturing of any unexpected findings and a way to trigger future checks to see if the unacceptable situation has now been addressed. Quickly and easily identify any checks that have been missed or not carried out when required, providing a way of ensuring that all inspections needing to be done are being completed in a timely manner.

  • Technical Log

    Create your own customised technical logs

    A place to create your own customised technical logs, in a similar manner to how you might use a spreadsheet to log technical data, but in a more accessible and easily shared manner. Allow users to share technical data, whether it’s information for reading and processing or whether it is a place for people to add to a technical log over a period of time. You can completely customise any number of logs that you require, in the same manner as you define your own columns in a spreadsheet. Unlike spreadsheets, all updates can be logged and timestamped for the user making the changes, ensuring everything updated can be traced back to who and when the change was made.

  • Storage

    Keep all your manuals, images and reports online

    The storage facility is a secure cloud based library where you can upload any type of file you feel appropriate to be stored, saved and shared centrally across one or many different sites. Upload manuals, images and reports to a central location, providing access from desktop and even when out and about using mobile devices. You can create your own storage structure, just as you would any other file storage system on a network, allowing you to access to your own structure of folders and sub-folders containing the uploaded files of your choosing.

  • Reporting

    Create powerful reports at the touch of a button

    There is a reporting capability to ensure that you can generate real-time reports as a management summary of everything being updated and controlled within the WAM system. Whether you want to review the amount of work requests currently open or running beyond given SLAs at one or many of your sites, or maybe you want to report on how the PPM schedule is going at a given site and what aspects of PPMs have been missed or carried out late.

  • App

    A powerful connected and disconnected native Android and iOS mobile app

    We have developed a connected and disconnected native App that means you can carry WAM with you on any mobile device when out and about. So, whether you are wandering around a leisure centre carrying out inspections, or visiting remote sporting venues to carry out routine maintenance, you can be sure that you’ll have all the data you need accessible straight away on the device you take with you. Just make sure you synchronise your device if you plan to go somewhere with no mobile connectivity and the App will take with you the data from the central WAM system so you can review and update it when you are out and about. No need to make notes or take pen and paper with you, everything can now be done electronically in the same way as if you were sat at your desk.

  • Scanning

    Scan assets and locations for quick access to records

    Speed up inspections by using QR codes and your mobile device to scan an asset or locations within a building, and the WAM system wil be able to immediately identify what it is, or where you are and take you directly to the relevant area of the WAM system allowing update of checks there and then. The QR code scanning facility is available in the online and App versions of WAM, so if you have Wi-Fi or 3G/4G then you can use the online version, otherwise take the App with you.

Why do people choose WAM?

Some of the reasons people choose WAM include:

  • Complementary to OFSTED and QUEST.
  • Easy and accessible monitoring from anywhere.
  • Budgeting tools to prevent unnecessary spend and more effective planning.
  • No interference with existing IT, as no software installations are required.
  • Can assist with tendering opportunities, as a well-known and proven way to monitor that you are looking after facilities and assets.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it encourages paperless solutions.

  • Takes your existing systems and makes them interact with each other, with all records in one place.
  • Cost effective as we do not charge per user, or per component/tool.
  • Mobile/Tablet version is included at no additional cost.
  • So simple and intuitive that a user manual is not required.
  • Complete storage facilities for documents and files at no additional cost.
  • Designed to assist single site operators, multi-site operators and flexible enough for those organisations that are growing.

  • Lengthy update installations are redundant - with WAM they are automatic.
  • Suitable for organisations that have their own maintenance teams, or those who rely on external contractors, or even both.
  • A fantastic way of monitoring to ensure H&S good practices and legislative obligations are met.
  • An effective way to communicate with colleagues what is going on with your facilities and equipment.
  • Email notifications and reminders, along with the ability to record times spent carrying out work requests.
  • A paperless solution and a way of integrating all of your essential systems in one place.


Take WAM anywhere

Do you have areas within your facilities that prevent you from accessing the internet on a mobile or wifi connection? When you purchase WAM you will also be given access to the WAM app. This is a free download for tasks to be completed offline. Then, when your device can connect to the internet, it will automatically synchronise the information to ensure your facility data is as live as possible.

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