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Halo Leisure’s Feel Good for Life team have been presented with a hugely important prize in the Welsh Social Value for Future Generations Awards this month as a result of their work taking health, fitness and social connection into people’s homes during the pandemic.

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Smaller group Preschool swimming lessons taking place during the school term time at Hereford Leisure Pool...

TAKE THE PLUNGE with our FREE Adult Learn to Swim Programme in Herefordshire!

Take the pressure off and put your trainers on… as part of Herefordshire Council’s Covid-19 community recovery plan and Halo Leisure’s commitment to promoting young people’s health and wellbeing, a new, exciting FREE Halo membership package will be available to anyone in academic Year 11-13 (or equivalent) who lives in the County. SIGN UP PERIOD ENDED 31ST DECEMBER 2021

At Halo Leisure we are training our Fitness Instructors to help you find a safe and sustainable way to exercise if you’re experiencing the symptoms of Long Covid. We know it’s impacting communities across the country, with the NHS listing symptoms like extreme tiredness, shortness of breath and chest pain, brain fog (problems with memory and concentration), joint pain and changes to taste and smell. Other surveys have reported insomnia, gastro-intestinal and bladder problems, changes to periods and skin conditions. Severity varies, but the impact on daily life is clear. 

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Can’t make it to the gym or class? Need to get your fitness hit quickly in the convenience of your front room, back garden or hotel? Home@home is ready to be your new virtual on demand  fitness support system.

The full variety of workouts on offer will help you hit your fitness goals quicker than ever, there is a workout for everyone, whatever your level of activity and confidence.

Accessible directly from the Halo Leisure App, you can enjoy:

Halo will, from July be working with Your PT, a company providing brilliant personal training instructors to leisure centres like Halo. Ask when you’re next in and we can give you their details so you can book direct.

Our Centres are Clean, Safe & Ready To Welcome You Back. Read on to see what you can expect when you visit your local Halo centre...