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That's right, 2 brand new shiny treadmills for you to use in our new fitness studio space, all for just £8.95 per month! - everything you need to get active with Halo.

Did you know that exercising together can boost your romantic relationship? We jest not. This is no new spin on couples who sweat together stay together or a way to get the heart rate up (though it does that). This is about studies – and there are plenty of them – showing couples who work out, sharing a common goal and supporting each other to better health, tend to work out more often, and feel closer as a result. Win Win!


Halo are joining some 600 pools around the UK to help raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie, two causes we know are close to your hearts.


In the month that celebrates ‘National Apprenticeship Week’, there is a new, exciting way into work in 2020, offering people qualifications and training while they work (and get paid for it!) and opening up a world of possibilities as a result. And with no requirement to square up to Alan Sugar and his panel!


Every time you work out at one of our centres, you’re helping our mission as a social enterprise to be the best in the business (we plough all profits back into it) and to help more people, including those facing barriers to exercising, to find a way to better health. So imagine what you do when you’re one of thousands!


We’re loving the stories you’re sharing about how Halo has helped you to better health (and we’re hoping for some good ones post Valentine’s Day please – see our story above!). This month Ross-on-Wye member Leanne told us about how she and her daughter Ellie have found a way to keep each other motivated. Inspiring.


We are, in 2020, talking more about our mental health. And that can only change the world for the better. This February 3 – 9 is Children’s Mental Health Week when organisers, the charity Place2Be, are encouraging us all to talk to our kids about why their feelings matter.


Check Halo's fun-filled February Half Term Activities. Check what’s available at your local centre. 


Check out the range of rooms we have for hire at the Severn Centre in Highley, Shropshire - from parties to business and office space.

Why not head down the yellow brick road to Bridgnorth Endowed Leisure Centre in February to watch the wonderful 'The Wizard of Oz' musical?