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"My time in the suite became is my 'me' time. It made me feel better in so many ways...Verina Potter is 46 and works as an office administrator in Hereford. Her journey to our Toning Suite started while she was on holiday last summer when she vowed to improve her health for the sake of her children. Back in the UK she prioritised time out to make a change. But she had no idea how life transforming that change would be.

Why: I wanted my children (Emily, 14 and George, 11) to have a healthier mum. It was as simple as that. I was wearing a size 20 and I am only 5ft and I knew that wasn't good for me, and so wasn't good for them. When I came back from that holiday in Spain I signed up for Weight Watchers and by Christmas I'd lost two stone. I knew I needed to do more than change what I ate and I'd seen the toning suite in Halo (Emily is part of a trampolining club at the Leisure Centre). I was too nervous to go to the gym, but this felt really welcoming...

Before: When you're a working mum and going from a job to after school activities to a quick meal at home you don't have much time for yourself.  My life is pretty hectic. But I know that nothing is easy in life, and I had to make time - really make a change - if I wanted to follow through on my plan. I was inspired by my children, and both of them and my husband (who cooks what he knows I want to eat) have been so kind and encouraging. Emily told me she thought I was beautiful just as I was, but she also knew how much this meant to me. She's very sporty so it's nice to be part of her life at Halo. 

After: I discovered just how much that 45 minutes in the toning suite could do. Not just for my weight (I'll get to that in a minute), but for my wellbeing. At least three times a week it's just me and music and I don't have to think about anything else but the circuit I am doing. Everyone's so friendly in there and the Halo fitness instructor team in the suite are wonderful. You can chat to others - and I've got to know them well - or be quiet. It's up to you, and it's brilliant.  And the result? More energy, more confidence and within 12 weeks I was another stone lighter and had trimmed 18 inches off my body (tummy, bust, thighs...) and was wearing a size 14/16. The combination of Weight Watchers and the Toning Suite is working perfectly for me. I am eating more than I did before, but eating a more balanced diet. I've lost 3.5 stone since last year and am now aiming for my ideal weight for my height. I am just taking it half a stone at a time and enjoying the process. Three times a week (five if I can) is my time, and I love it.

The next step: This spa-like suit for our state-of-the-art power-assisted toning machines is now a first choice for people of all ages who want to get and keep fit and healthy. The toning machines are ideal for people like Verina working to reach and maintain a healthy weight, and the Halo team will guide you through the use of each machine so you can be sure you are working out in a way that is right for you. Call 01432 278178 to book at tour and pick up a free seven day guest pass so you can have a go.

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