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“It’s not just about the weight loss. It’s about feeling better, feeling in control, and feeling motivated to look after yourself…” Lorraine Brown is 54 and works in a secondary school in Hereford, supporting pupils as part of the Student Services team.  She has two grown up daughters and lives with her partner, David.

WHY- It started with a nudge from a friend, as so many good things do. Now, nearly a year on, it’s made me see things differently - and I’ve lost nearly three stone. But a whole number of things happened in between. I had come out of a messy divorce, had hit the age when it was harder to keep extra pounds off, was working hard, feeling unwell (it turns out I had an overactive thyroid) and had let myself go a bit. One day I commented on how well my friend looked and she told me she’d been using the Toning Suite  at Hereford Leisure Centre and invited me to join her.

BEFORE- I was about 17 stone and as I say, not feeling great - not sleeping well, eating well and feeling nauseous.  It was a relief when my doctor told me that the problem was an overactive thyroid and that it could be treated with medication. But it gave me an extra push to live better and eat better. I’d tried the gym but didn’t feel comfortable in there, but at the Toning Suite you are doing a circuit (three minutes on each of 12 machines) but in a relaxed atmosphere with other, like minded people. You can feel it working your body, but not to the point where you get hot and sweaty. And you can work out in whatever you are wearing and then go out and get on with your day. I like that. It suits me and my busy schedule, and means I can easily go two or three times a week. I love it so much I’ll do two circuits if it’s not busy.

AFTER-  I’ve lost nearly three stone since I started (I’d like to lose another half stone) and gone down two dress sizes. Wendy, who works in the Toning Suite, measured me recently and it seems I’ve lost a total of 27 inches all over (arms, thighs, middle and legs). But it’s not just about the weight loss. It’s about feeling better, feeling in control, and feeling motivated to look after yourself. Now I work out two or three times a week, and enjoy a weekly swim too. I’ve made new friends in the suite, but love going with the pal who gave me that nudge last year. Then coffee afterwards in the Halo cafe...

THE NEXT STEP…This spa-like suite with  state-of-the-art, power-assisted toning machines is now a first choice for people of all ages (including those with mobility issues) who want to keep fit, active, mobile and healthy. The team will guide you through the use of each machine so you can be sure you are working out in a way that is beneficial. Call 01432 278178 and we will be happy to arrange a show around and arrange a free 7 day guest pass so you can have a go.

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