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The Directors of the Severn Centre trust are committed to ensuring that the quality of services and facilities at The Severn Centre is in keeping with what the local community require.

The Severn Centre is a registered charity and, in the interests of social welfare, the Aim of The Centre is to improve the conditions of life for people of the area, enabling them to benefit (without distinction of political, religious or other opinions) from the provision and maintenance of a community centre for local use, for a wide variety of activities, including meetings, lectures and classes, and other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation. This also extends to a recreation ground and a swimming pool for use by the local community.

Our Directors each have varied skills and backgrounds, which they bring to the roles that they hold on The Board.

The Board hold quarterly meetings, where they discuss The Centre's performance and plan for the future development.

The Board Structure is as follows:

Chair: Val Hill.

Directors: Chris Tibbits, Andrew Harding, Madge Shineton, Roy Broome, Marie Southall and Caroline Harrison.

The Management and Leadership team within The Board also meet quarterly. They are:

Chair: Chris Tibbits.

Directors: Val Hill and Marie Southall.

The Finance and Funding team meet each month. They are:
Chair: Andrew Harding.

Directors: Val Hill and Chris Tibbits. 

If you need any more information, or would like to contact the Directors, please call 01746 860 000