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Five easy ways to wellbeing...
World Wellbeing Week is now celebrated in the last week of June, and we reckon what matters most is knowing what this means (it’s that state of wellness – of feeling comfortable, healthy and happy), why it matters (it impacts on our physical as well as mental health), and how to boost yours. 
Make no mistake, exercise is like a miracle elixir here, helping prevent serious physical illnesses and promoting positive feelings. It has immediate effect, doesn’t require a GP appointment, and is open to all ages. If you do anything during the week of wellbeing, do this.
  1. Exercise. We know that when you move your body, you release feel good mood-lifting chemicals. The focus on something so positive is also life-enhancing and promotes better sleep.

  2. Exercise with others. We’re social creatures and a fun group exercise class, group walk, game of football, or just a chat after 30 minutes on the treadmill can help combat feelings of loneliness and lift your mood. Make this the time to invite a friend or neighbour to join you for exercise at Halo or with a local walk.

  3. Exercise outside. Feel the sun on your back as you take a walk or jog or cycle and breathe in and connect with nature.

  4. Exercise at work. Take a walk in your lunchtime or coffee break and let the stress seep out.

  5. Exercise more often. Make this the week to commit to a new routine so the benefits last. You need a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week to win all the benefits it brings.

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