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Why this year’s Men’s Health Week matters more than ever (and why it’s time for an MOT)...
While we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that we’re over the worst of the pandemic, health experts are seeing how Covid caused too many of us to take our eye off other health concerns. So if blood pressure checks are down it’s NOT because they’re not needed, and if prostate cancer diagnosis were at a low it is NOT because the cancer is getting rarer…it’s because men aren’t reporting concerns or seeing their GP to get checked. 
Men’s Health Week on 13 – 19th June is themed TIME FOR YOUR MOT and wants to stop us in our tracks, recalibrate our thinking and review our readiness for the road ahead. So three quick steps for starters please:
  1. It all starts with a DIY MOT (find out more here DIY Man MOT ) covering the simple stuff like your pulse and recovery rate, your waistline and weight, the warning lights (like shortness of breath, raised blood pressure or changes in bowel or peeing habits) that need a quick check up. 

  2. If you’re over 40 you should take advantage of the restarted NHS health check (and over 50 there is other screening like bowel screening).  And it should – this month – take you to a place where you know what needs some attention and can move forward confident that you’re in good hands or good health.

  3. Use the week to get your Blood Pressure checked at your local pharmacy or GP and talk to our fitness team at your local centre to help create an exercise plan to get or keep you in good shape.