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We asked - you told us….. 

…we were heartened to see your fabulous responses to our survey about fitness in lockdown, and to hear how you’re moving along to our suggestions online and looking forward to exercising safely (and socially distanced) in our centres when they reopen. We thought we’d share the top five findings and send our thanks for your feedback...

1) More than four out of ten of you walk to keep fit, and more than one in ten jog when they’re not in the centre. And during lockdown you’ve been doing more of it, too. Keep it up!

2) Nearly half of you have been doing home workouts regularly. Well done! Don’t forget to visit Halo@HOME for lots of free workout videos. The survey showed that almost 70% of you are keen to combine in centre workouts with home exercise and would be interested in an online classes as part of your halo package - we’re working on something so all we can say for now is watch this space!!!

3) Like everyone around Britain, it seems your health has been brought into focus during this time. While half of you shared the fact you were (even with best efforts) less active since we closed, more than three in five of you are renewing their commitment to pre-lockdown Halo workouts, while one in five told us they’d be increasing their use of Halo Leisure after lockdown. We can’t wait to see you again!

4) You are obviously looking forward to our reopening as much as we are with 86% of you reporting that you will use Halo centres the same or even more

5) 94% of you say that you value community leisure centres the same or more than ever and 76% of you feel comfortable about returning when we reopen. But the survey highlighted the two most important elements to you when you come back:  1) the cleanliness of our facilities and 2) the new procedures and processes to implement social distancing measures. We’ve heard you loud and clear and can reassure you that these are our priorities too and we are working hard on these very issues right now - so when the government announces that it is safe and sensible for leisure centres to reopen - Halo centres will be clean, safe and ready to welcome you back.

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