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Keep moving while you wait for us to reopen!

We’re staying right behind Sport England’s Join the Movement campaign at this uncertain time...

We know in this nearly-out-of-lockdown period it would be easy to give up on all the great work that went on to get active while staying indoors, but this crisis isn’t over, gyms and pools are still closed, and your health matters as much if not more than ever. Sport England point out that it isn’t just about physical health, but also about staying active to support mental wellbeing and the anxiety felt in uncertain times. So just as we shouldn’t let our guard down when it comes to coronavirus, we can’t let our efforts to keep moving slip while we wait to get back to a new normal in our leisure centres.  Join the Movement also has its own online hub, which is worth checking out, and keep visiting Halo@Home for our latest ideas to make fitness fun.


join the movement

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