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Here at Halo we reckon as well as flowers (always a hit), time to slow down and smell them is as valuable, if not more so. We are unashamedly advocating some mum and daughter/son exercise as the perfect way to secure this slow-down, one-to-one time out together, and as the perfect way to show your mum how much you love her. Want to know why?

  1.   While we’re happily seeing more children meet the recommended level of physical activity, we know that us grown-ups don’t fare so well. Stats from Sport England’s This Girl Can’s campaign suggests around one in four adults still do less than 30 minutes activity a week. What’s more women don’t exercise as much as men, and it gets worse as we age.
  2.   The benefits of exercise for women, whatever their age, are bountiful. More energy, more friends, and a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, mobility issues and dementia. Need we go on? And bear in mind the choice (there’s so much choice) of exercises to suit different ages and abilities is enormous. Just come into Halo and find out more.
  3.   The reason many women don’t exercise, according to studies, is they don’t have anyone to go with. Now come on, you can change that! Whether you keep each other company on parallel treadmills, try a class or go for a swim, enjoy the day. And we hope to see you in the café afterwards plotting your next move.