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March 5 is World Book Day, part of our menu of good health...

There is a reason we love to have libraries linked to our centres (did you know we have libraries based in our centres at Bridgend, Bromyard, Craven Arms, Garw, Highley, Maesteg, and Ogmore) or love to see books packed into the gym bag for a wind down in the café after a workout

While we’re all about getting people more active more of the time, we know that an important part of that is encouraging people to slow down, breathe out, and take time to simply be together. Books do all those things and more. In children, reading promotes a positive attitude (that includes when they’re read to by parents or carers), and an attentive and inquisitive mind while reducing anxieties. In adults, a good book can not only promote knowledge and cognitive function (improving memory and concentration), but also promote inner peace and a real sense of wellbeing. Workouts and words - the perfect combination.