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We are, in 2020, talking more about our mental health. And that can only change the world for the better. This February 3 – 9 is Children’s Mental Health Week when organisers, the charity Place2Be, are encouraging us all to talk to our kids about why their feelings matter.


This year’s theme is Find Your Brave, and the organisers are asking everyone to encourage kids to see that being brave isn’t about coping with tough things on their own, but about sharing them and finding positive ways to deal with difficult times. It’s about looking after yourself. We love it at Halo when we see parents and carers working out or enjoying a swim or playing sport together, more often than not talking more as they move. And we know exercising is so good for promoting positive wellbeing. But we want to use this important week to check in and check out other ways to make our way in this brave new world. Visit to find out more.