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We’re loving the stories you’re sharing about how Halo has helped you to better health (and we’re hoping for some good ones post Valentine’s Day please – see our story above!). This month Ross-on-Wye member Leanne told us about how she and her daughter Ellie have found a way to keep each other motivated. Inspiring.


“I know young girls fall out of love with exercise when they hit their teen years. My daughter Ellie left behind dancing and trampolining at primary school and didn’t enjoy the team sports at secondary. She also had less time for out of school clubs with all the homework she gets. But I can see, too, that screen time can, too easily, replace swimming and sports for growing children, and I wanted to make sure the balance was right for Ellie.

“Halo offers some great membership deals for young people, so we signed up and started going to some group exercise classes together and, with the support of Halo staff, I introduced her to the gym. She loves it, especially when we’re both running on the treadmill, side by side. I’ve not only planted the seed that this is something you should never grow out of, I am getting to spend time with her and when we share a cup cake or fish and chips at the weekend we both feel we’ve really earned them.

“Now Ellie often pops into Halo on her way home from school as well as coming along with me, and some of my friends are talking about bringing their daughters or sons to classes too!”

Check out our website to see Ellie and Leanne in action. And let us know how Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps