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Every time you work out at one of our centres, you’re helping our mission as a social enterprise to be the best in the business (we plough all profits back into it) and to help more people, including those facing barriers to exercising, to find a way to better health. So imagine what you do when you’re one of thousands!


Last year we welcomed over 12,000 new members (so that’s over 30,000 on the books now), and they clocked up over 2.7 million visits (on average over 7,500 a day across our centres), including over half a million gym workouts and over 325,000 class workouts. We are especially proud that some 20,000 children enjoyed sport lessons, with over 14,000 learning to swim. You are doing us proud and making us very excited about what we could achieve in the year ahead! Watch this space (or rather workout in it)! We hope you enjoy this look back at 2019 where you can see everything this social enterprise and registered charity did to encourage more people more active more often.