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In the month that celebrates ‘National Apprenticeship Week’, there is a new, exciting way into work in 2020, offering people qualifications and training while they work (and get paid for it!) and opening up a world of possibilities as a result. And with no requirement to square up to Alan Sugar and his panel!


While thousands of people (all ages) across the UK have been signing up for apprenticeships in everything from accountancy to advertising, catering to childcare, Halo have been busy training a new generation of fitness professions at their centres around Bridgend County and Herefordshire. And we love the results. Apprentices with a passion for sport and fitness who are kick-starting a career in this fast growing and mega important arena.

How it works

Apprenticeships combine workplace learning with funded education and are allowing more people than ever to earn while they learn, on and off the job. Professionally recognised qualifications supply the knowledge and background skills, while time in Halo allows apprentices to apply this knowledge in work, and to develop and demonstrate practical job-related skills with the support of our team.

Want to know more?

We currently have apprenticeship opportunities in activity leadership, health and fitness, customer service and leisure operations. Want to find out more? Visit