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Did you know that exercising together can boost your romantic relationship? We jest not. This is no new spin on couples who sweat together stay together or a way to get the heart rate up (though it does that). This is about studies – and there are plenty of them – showing couples who work out, sharing a common goal and supporting each other to better health, tend to work out more often, and feel closer as a result. Win Win!


So, grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to a new way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. And we reckon you’ll keep celebrating all year round

  1. Dance. And for those who have never danced before (outside the confines of a club floor), a dance class is a brilliant way to have fun. What better way to start than with the hypnotic rhythms of Zumba.
  2. Hit the gym. Make a weekly (or twice weekly) date and do your own routine, before you freshen up and go out for a drink.
  3. Make date night sports night. Why not learn something new as the nights get lighter. Tennis, golf or badminton? Or train for next month’s Swimathon together (more details below). You’ll love it, laugh often, and live longer.
  4. Run for it. Get in training for a park run or the next local 10k. You will be surrounded by other happy couples who’ve discovered the same joy in pounding the paths in the park. This one is also a favourite for new parents (the perfect way to get together after dinner via a stroller push).
  5. Walk, and walk some more. Check out coastal routes, castles or country parks and make the weekend an adventure.

Ps If your partner’s not been to Halo before, as well as sharing love this valentines day, why not share a Halo complimentary 7 day guest pass for them to enjoy a weeks’ worth of work-outs and wind downs for free.