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We know that January is the month when health and fitness are at the top of the agenda and internet searches for fitness regimes peak. But we also know that in the aftermath of the holiday (and a little slacking on the exercise front) it can be tough to be motivated and take time to see a result - which may be why too many people who resolve to get fit this month struggle to stick to the resolution and give up before the month is out.

At Halo we know that routine, and we know a way round it - we’re all about the way round it. Our rules for fitness resolutions?

  1. Make it fun. Explore classes and try different things in the gym. From cycling to dance, aqua aerobics to a turn on the treadmill. Keep going until you find your fit.
  2. Talk to our team. We know a lack of know how about gym equipment or lack of confidence in a class are both barriers to exercise and reasons for quitting.  Our brilliant class leaders or personal trainers can sort that, giving you the confidence to fit and to stick.
  3. Buddy up with a friend. Those who exercise together exercise for longer, so find a pal or family member who is in the same can-do mood and commit to get fit together.
  4. Be accountable. It's motivating. Set goals with that friend, or speak to a fitness instructor about realistic targets (be it running a 5k in the spring or losing 5kg of unwanted weight) and ask them to monitor how you go, and to celebrate with you when you get there.
  5. Make it work in your day. Promising yourself you'll spend two hours at the gym three times a week is not going to stick if you don't have two hours to spare three times a week. Think about your day, and the way you might fit exercise in. A swim on a Friday evening, a gym session or class on a Tuesday evening, and four 20-minute walks closer to home perhaps? Set the schedule that suits you and enjoy. 

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