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If you’re one of the thousands of people who come into Hereford Leisure Centre each month, we've just made your life easier!

Our new face recognition technology means you’ll no longer need to swipe your Halo membership card and you’ll no longer have to worry that people are sneaking in and benefiting from your membership fee for free. 

The super-simple, but very clever software, just requires you to upload a quick selfie (you only have to do this once) and then we’ll scan your face on entry. Easy as that... so no more queuing at reception or remembering to bring your membership card.

If you are a user of Hereford Leisure Centre and we have your email address, we have emailed you some easy to follow instructions and the link to get your account setup. Not got the email? Not to worry! Speak to a member of staff in centre or phone us on 01432 842075.

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