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Did you know that just two weeks away from your normal fitness routine can impact negatively on your health, and make it so much harder to get back into the swing of the swim or class or gym workout come January. Your mind misses out on all those feel good endorphins, too, and that part of the day or week which is just for your workout and wind down. 

We know that the days-to-Christmas lure can put shopping ahead of the weekend swim, and we know all about the snuggle-up mentality that begs you to eat more and do less. But it’s worth fighting it. It's worth finding your space and your moment to move in these busy weeks before the big Christmas day.  In fact exercising in December can bring more benefits than any other time of year. Including of course…

1- Boosting your immune system so you can fight the Winter bugs

2- Producing those ‘feel good’ endorphins which reduce anxiety and depression (which can abound at this time of year).

3- Avoiding winter weight gain, which most suffer thanks to comfort food and Christmas treats.

4- Reducing isolation at a time when too many people lose touch with the people that matter as they miss out on regular group activities like the exercise class.

5- Making January’s workout easier. A few weeks out of your routine can make getting back into it so much harder.

So come celebrate Christmas with us at Halo. Just an hour of happy activity a few times a week will bring comfort and joy.


Woman running in the snow