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“It’s not just about the weight loss, it’s about the welcome. The real sense of wellbeing you feel as a result…”

Charlotte Jones is 30 and lives in Hereford and discovered the toning suite at Hereford Leisure Centre earlier this year. The difference it’s made has, she says, been transformational. And it goes way beyond the stone in weight she’s lost (so far!)

WHY?: I’d been in a psychiatric hospital for several years, and moved into a flat with in-house support and was looking for ways to improve my health. But the gym - what seemed like the obvious choice - was too busy, too anonymous. I felt too anxious. I remember being on the treadmill and after a few minutes was wishing I was walking home. Then a friend told me about the Toning Suite, and that changed everything. 

BEFORE: It’s hard to describe the impact of poor mental health on daily life, and how it knocks your confidence and in turn your motivation to get fit, however much you want to. So before? I hated exercise. I was overweight as a result of the long stay in hospital and the medication I was on. Most of the time I was with support workers. I had few friends, and my confidence was so low I didn’t want to get on a bus on my own. That can be very lonely, a way of life that is hard to change.

AFTER: To be honest it's hard to put it into words the change in my physical as well as mental health. The toning suite is so relaxing, the welcome so warm. I go three or four times a week and have lost over a stone already. But it’s not just about the weight, it’s the real sense of wellbeing and belonging that you get as a result. Everyone in the suite is friendly, but they give you the space to work out at your own pace. I like to chill out to music while I get fit, but know I can call on the Toning Advisors, if I need help. They are so kind, and incredibly supportive. The suite is, quite literally, changing my life. I get the bus down there on my own, and have asked a friend who lives nearby to join me. We’ll walk if the weather is good, get a coffee afterwards if there’s time. I can’t explain the sense of achievement I feel as a result. I am motivated to eat better and move more. I go along to an exercise class at Halo too now. One of the instructors in the gym who sensed how much I hated it in there invited me to attend a class they run. I love it, and am exercising for 45 minutes non stop, and feeling great as a result.

THE NEXT STEP…This spa-like suite for our state-of-the-art, power-assisted toning machines is now a first choice for people of all ages who want to keep fit, active, mobile and healthy. The toning suite is ideal for people like Charlotte who feel anxious about joining a class or the gym at the start of their fitness journey. The Halo team will guide you through the use of each machine so you can be sure you are working out in a way that is beneficial. Call 01432 278178 and we will be happy to arrange a show around and arrange a free 7 day guest pass so you can have a go.

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