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Experience the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise by taking part in our NEW Aquanatal classes at Hereford Leisure Pool! This is a wonderful way to unwind and stay healthy during and after pregnancy.

Why? Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise during and after pregnancy as the water supports your joints whilst also providing resistance work for all the muscles, strengthening your back and abdominal muscles ready for carrying your baby around!  When you exercise in water you can reduce high blood pressure, impact on your joints, body fat, tension, pain and stress?

Is it right for me? Aqua exercise can improve your strength,energy levels, circulation, balance and flexibility. Exercising in water also enhances your mood and promotes better sleep. 

The class is also suitable for pregnant women and new mother's who wish to return to exercise following the birth of their baby as the water environment will help protect the muscles, ligaments and joints until they are stronger to be able to carry out different exercises.

What do I need? Swimming kit at the ready. You don't have to wear googles and swimming caps unless you want to. Feel free to wrap your towel round you and drop it at poolside.

When are the sessions? Every Friday at 6pm and from 4th November every Monday at 9.15am. 

How to book? Download our FREE Halo app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and book on here, or call us on 01432 842075. Members can book 14 days in advance and non members can book 8 days in advance.