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Six weeks of family fun or lazy summer evenings with friends can mess up the best fitness routine. Now’s the time to harness that new term mood and ease your way back in. Here are five tips that will get you going faster than you can say ‘have you packed your pencil case?’

1. Team up with a term time buddy to try something new - a regular swim, a new exercise class, some training for a park run? Those who exercise with others exercise more regularly (and for longer).

2. Schedule ahead (you do it for your kids’ activities after all). Remember members can pre-book classes, courts and swimming sessions online 14 days in advance and non members 8 days in advance.

3. Pack your gym kit the night before (same time you sort their uniform), or if you work out in the morning, put your gear on as soon as you get up. Less room for excuses.

4. Don’t delay. If the first few weeks are a bit hectic, fit in a 15 minute walk or workout during lunchtime or after supper. Why not make the summer feeling last by doing it as a family. September’s balmy evenings can be perfect for a post-supper cycle or walk.

5. Eat for good health. Pack a punch in your own lunch box as well as your children’s.

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