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Funny thing about kids is that you can take them to the most faraway location, and what they remember most (and love the best) is the new pal they made while they were there, or the fact they took their first independent strokes in the pool, or hit a six on the beach. This is good news for those holidaying at home. Use August to make memories they’ll treasure...

  • Teach them (or let them teach you) a new sport. Badminton, squash, football….
  • Build a den. A sheet over some low branches will do it (or some low furniture if you’re playing inside), or gather some old boxes, decorate and build into something you can crawl into. Line with cushions, add a little music and play cards or watch the stars appear before bed. Speaking of which…
  • Do some star spotting. Visit to download the current month’s star finder and once you have yours put a blanket in the garden at night and enjoy the magic. 
  • Be running buddies. Track or treadmill, take the first step and run together. So many park runners and fun runners started this way.
  • Share a book. They don’t just have to be for bedtime. August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day and children love love love being read to. Visit your local library and invite them to pick one each, then take a new story to the park with a picnic.
  • Go to the movies in the morning. There is something deliciously reckless about some live action before lunch and popcorn for breakfast.
  • Buy a box of glow-in-the-dark chalks and decorate the front drive or any paving slabs at the back. Who can make the most beautiful square? Leave the designs be so your kids can marvel at their work from the window at bedtime.
  • Dance in the rain. Surprise the family by pulling on a swim suit and wellies when it’s raining and inviting them outside for a dance. Catch raindrops in your mouth, and jump in all the puddles.
  • Enjoy a pool park combo. Picnic by the river or in the local park before cooling off in one of our pools. Commit to not watching the clock. 
  • Make new friends. We’d be remiss not to point you in the direction of our fabulous menu of children’s holiday activities (arts, crafts, sports and social) which are the perfect place for them to make new friends when you have to get back to work. Find out what's happening at your local centre below...




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