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We might have put the spotlight on all the fun you can have with your family this summer, but remember you, too. Time out (even just a little) can make the rest of the day, week and summer holiday work better for everyone. Here are five easy ways to catch some....

  1. Lose the lie-in. Get up at the normal time and sneak into the magically quiet morning sunshine with your coffee and a magazine or book before anyone else is up. 
  2. Don’t lose the workout or exercise class slot in your week. We know - members tell us - how much they miss that regular work out over the summer, and how much better it makes the holidays when they make time for it. Spa afterwards perhaps?
  3. Ask your partner or friend to watch the kids for half an hour after supper and take a walk, all on your own. Delicious.
  4. Share the day! Team up with a pal and their kids and go somewhere new. Or be crafty with your games. While they’re building that fort or hunting for bugs in the garden, forget the washing up and take to the deck chair. 
  5. After a long lovely day with the kids, allow them to enjoy a long lovely movie on the sofa while you sneak upstairs for a long lovely bubbly bath.