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We all know children love to move around. Just catch that smile on their face when you race them across the park or they jump through a wave on the beach or score a goal for their team. But at Halo we’re about making movement a lifetime habit. We know, though, that it can be a challenge for children to get enough daily activity. There are a host of barriers to being active - from the stress of exams to the feeling that they’re not good enough at sports, from friends who’d rather play games online than in the park to a family schedule that is fit to bust.

But there are ways to break those barriers down. Want to know the secret? 

  1. Keeping the focus on fun. Too many children feel the pressure to match the sporting prowess of peers and it can put them off for life. So let them choose something they’d love to try (running track with you or dancing in the front room).
  2. Choose the right activities for your child’s age, stage and personality. We’re not all athletes, and kids can easily be discouraged in competitive environments if it isn’t their thing but thrive as casual participants. Have fun trying things together, like a jog round the block, a game of mini golf or cycling in the park.
  3. Be positive, and be a role model. Make exercise part of your daily activity without it being a big deal.
  4. One of the huge benefits of our Halo summer activities is the carefully planned schedule of accessible activities designed for age and stage, supervised by our brilliant team to make sure every child feels valued and included. Check out what's happening at your local centre below...




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