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Men are, at last, talking about and acting on their health more often and more openly. And that's got to be thanks in large part of the wonderful Men's Health Week. The organisers, Men's Health Forum, know one in five men die before the age of 65, and they're determined to change that.  This year's Week (10th-16th June) it's all about numbers. The ones we need to know, the ones we need to act on. Here are just three of them for starters…

  1. Did you know over 1.5 men live with coronary heart disease, when the blood supply to their heart is blocked or interrupted by a buildup of fatty substances in the arteries. Smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol all put men at risk. Ask your doctor about a risk assessment, and start to take action.
  2. One in ten men have diabetes (see Let’s Focus on Diabetes). Being overweight is one of the most common causes of Type 2 Diabetes, and yet men are less likely to be aware of their weight problems and less likely to get involved in weight management than women. If you have symptoms, including excessive tiredness or notice increased thirst or need to urinate, especially at night, ask your doctor for advice. They can check your urine and arrange for a blood test. Early diagnosis can help men manage this without the need for medication.
  3. One in eight men are reported to have mental health problems, including anxiety, depression or stress. But again, they're still less likely to discuss them than women. Anyone feeling stressed and anxious to the point it interrupts sleep, work or relationships should ask their doctor for advice.

Watch our twitter feed during Men's Health Week for essential ways to stay healthy.

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