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We all know someone (and Halo know scores of members) who care for a friend or family member because they're ill, living with a disability, or simply need extra help as they grow older. They are part of a 6.5 million strong army in the UK and the economy would collapse without them. This year's Carers Week (10th-16th June) is about helping carers get connected.

The organisers know how easily carers can become isolated, and put their own health and wellbeing aside while they focus on someone else. But this is where we all can help. A regular phone call to a carer, walk around the park at lunchtime if your colleague is a carer, or a regular invite out (even for an hour or so to enjoy an exercise class, half an hour in the gym, or a swim with their kids) can make a world of difference. Send them this link to activate a free 7 day pass to use their local Halo centre for FREE to try a range of activities.

There is more to be done. Check out to see what, but make the change starts here.

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