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Study after study advocates some daily exercise for our children, including time outdoors. It leads to better overall health, lower anxiety, more peaceful sleep (for them and you). While we'd all prefer if our kids spontaneously wanted to play outside, getting outside and enjoying it takes practise, and this is the perfect school holiday to get going with some home-based and Halo-centred fun.

- Dig for dinosaurs. Plant some plastic dinos (or pretend dinosaur bones) in your garden or sandpit and ask them to get searching, and digging, cleaning them off (like dig experts) with an old toothbrush before making up a celebratory game. Good practise for the Easter Sunday egg hunt.

- Get gardening. This is the perfect time to plant pots and beds with seeds and bedding plants. Take a trip to the garden centre and let them pick a tray of mini plants before they get to work back home. Or how about the old favourite 'cress-in-an-egg', using an empty egg shell filled with to grow some cress hair. Cress seeds can be picked up at the supermarket.

- Build a castle. Some old boxes, old paints and old clothes are all you need for an easy craft-crazy afternoon.

- Enjoy a photo or nature walk. Extra fun with real binoculars (but not essential), go searching out squirrels and birds and bugs, taking photos as you go, shooting what they see or love or searching out photo opps according to themes (everything pink, everything alive and under 2cm, every different tree...), making memories as they go. Print them off and make a collage when you get home.

- Learn a new sport or new swim stroke. Set your family a challenge for the holidays (badminton, table tennis, backstroke) and record your progress. Or check out Halo's sporting holiday activities. Our team have been having a fabulous time planning for the holidays, and this year there is a glorious mix of fitness and fun, arts, and craft, and of course some mandatory Easter Egg hunts. Find out what’s going on at your local Halo centre below...




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