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We love Christmas, but we know when January hits it can be hard. After long lie ins, family reunions, good food, too many calories and time off work, you can slide into the New Year with a bump.

We're not pretending it's easy to beat the winter blues, but we do know for sure that if you get moving you will feel better (and you'll be inclined to eat better too). Exercise is now one of the key recommendations for lifting spirits and fighting depression and anxiety. Not only because of the boost of happy endorphins exercise releases but because getting out and doing something for yourself can take your mind off the tough things, and help you focus on and empower you for the year to come. Here's our top three resolutions to get you going. If they the are the only resolutions you make, believe us you'll make a difference:

  1. Never follow through on the plan for a walk? Put your trainers on when you get dressed. They'll help you stick to the plan and take a walk to work or after you've dropped the kids at school.
  2. Never fancy exercising alone? Phone a friend or colleague now and invite them to pick up a free seven day pass with Halo and give a couple of fitness classes a go. Those who exercise together exercise for longer. Coffee afterwards perhaps? And remember if you refer a friend for membership they get registration for free (and so save a tenner) and we’ll discount your membership by £1 for every month they remain a member.
  3. Don't think the gym is for you? Ask our fitness instructor for advice on a 20 minute workout that works for you. We have the finest kit in our gyms and you'll discover something you love (and music to do it too).
  4. Need another goal? Start training for this spring’s Swimathon and help us raise money for two brilliant cancer charities. Check out our Swimathon story here.