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Nothing motivates in January like the extra pounds on your waist and the lack of them in your bank account. So we're going to help with both. We are rewarding all NEW Halo members who sign up in January with cashback for sticking with their New Year workouts.

Here's the deal....

Join in January, enjoy 30 workouts in your first 12 weeks and get £30* cashback reward for your efforts (the health and wellbeing benefits that come with it are priceless). Simple as that. All you have to do is swipe your Halo membership card every time you use us and we will track your progress and send you regular encouragement to keep you on target.

WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION? Sign up at your local Halo centre or Halo Helpline on 01432 842075

And it’s worth remembering…..Halo is a social enterprise & charity - Invest in US & and we invest in YOU and your local community. Every surplus pound is reinvested back into facilities & services to help local people get more active.


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