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While understanding and awareness of disability (what it means, what it doesn’t) has grown in this country, we know that living with a disability still, too often, presents real barriers to good health and participation in sport and fitness. The theme for this year’s International Day of Disabled Persons with Disabilities - a day marked by the UN for over 25 years - is about empowering people and promoting inclusion and equality and reminds us all what more has to be d.

Halo are proud to be breaking the barriers via accessible membership for people who are disabled and by investing in training for our staff so they can offer the right support and a wealth of facilities - from adapted cycles to our super Toning Suite for those with mobility issues, from dementia swimming to a myriad of awareness days and activities. But let’s use this day to continue the conversation about what else we can do to promote inclusion. Share your ideas with us at tell halo or speak to one of our team in your local centre.