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Anyone who hasn’t seen the inspiring new ad for the third phase of Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign should go over to YouTube immediately and click play. Anyone who still thinks exercise is not for them should get down to Halo and take a look at more women proving them wrong. We popped into our Leominster and Hereford Halo centre to catch up with just three of them!

Sarah's Storey... It was Sarah Symonds’ desire to drop a dress size before her wedding two years ago that led her to the local Halo pool in Leominster. It worked, but after the honeymoon she found herself wanting to go back. “It surprised me, too. I used to hate sport at school and I am pretty shy now,” says Sarah, 29. “But I’d loved the swimming and was offered the chance to try a combat class. I couldn’t believe the range of ages and fitness levels in there so I kept going back. The music, the lights, the inspiration you get from the instructor makes it like a night out with friends, and I’ve made so many new friends since going and lost another two stone and done a 5k mud run since. “I know, me? Who’d have thought…”

Caroline’s storey...Caroline Jones uses the Toning Suite at Hereford Leisure Centre three or four times every week. “When I hit 50 I realised that if I didn’t get active now I wasn’t going to be active later. Niggly things started slowing me up and I didn’t want to get to the age when it was too late to do anything about it,” says Caroline, now 53. The ‘gentle gym’ power-assisted suite works with the body (making it perfect for those with mobility issues) and Caroline wasn’t sure on first glance whether it would make a difference. A stone lighter and 23.5 inches slimmer she says she’s quicker and fitter than ever.

Roxksie’s Storey...Roxksie Logan, 32, has become a bit of an inspiration at Halo’s Leominster Leisure Centre since embarking on a journey to stay mobile after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis last year. “To be honest my motivation came from fury and frustration, but also facing up to the fact that I needed to lose weight and use this first year since the diagnosis to change my life,” she told us. Roxksie’s programme is gym based - she does some cardio then focuses on weights. “It’s helped massively with my mental wellbeing as well as physical health,” says Roxksie. “I know there is nothing I can do to change the diagnosis and so it’s tempting to do nothing to help yourself. You can get trapped in the mindset of your world falling apart. But I see exercise as a free shot of endorphins, a free shot of happiness.  When you feel the benefits you don’t look back.”

Want to join the revolution? Check in with your nearest centre (bringing all your girlfriends along)  and claim your free trial pass here.

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