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Setting off to the supermarket for the big Christmas shop? Add these to the list to keep the nutrients up and balance right. They’ll make you feel so much better.

  1. Fruit for the lounge table. Clementines go brilliantly with chocolate.
  2. Sparkling water and lemon and lime slices. Perfect for pre-dinner drink and preventing hangovers (add some fruit juice for a quick but healthy party punch).  
  3. Fun sized mineral waters for the fridge as an alternative to fizzy drinks. Attach a small treat (like a mini chocolate decoration) with some Christmas ribbon if you want to add some festive sparkle to kids’ play dates.
  4. Crackers, breadsticks, toasted pitta, houmous, carrot and cucumber batons - the stuff of summer picnics make up a perfect platter of TV snacks without the sugar rush.
  5. Nuts. The stuff of a longer life if you eat a handful a day. That’s got to be a good alternative to Christmas cake.

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