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Now available at Leominster Leisure Centre and Hereford Leisure Centre

Would you like a tool to boost your motivation and get those workouts in? Introducing MYZONE, an easy to use yet accurate tracking tool to keep you on target.

MYZONE® is a tracking device that rewards EFFORT for all physical activity both inside and outside of the leisure centre. The MYZONE® physical activity belt displays HEART RATE, EFFORT LEVEL and CALORIES in real time, whilst automatically storing all exercise, goals and

results in a personalised online profile.

Set yourself a workload goal, hit your monthly numbers, challenge your friends, and get the workload done. After all, the only thing standing between you and results is ‘doing’ the work.

MYZONE rewards EFFORT not FITNESS, which means that no matter what level you start at, you'll be rewarded equally.

MYZONE helps you to:

  • Fast track your results by taking the guesswork out of training

  • See your calories, heart rate and effort in real time with easy-to-follow colours

  • Always know exactly how many calories you burn during exercise

  • Be rewarded and acknowledged for effort. MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are awarded for every minute spent exercising in your personal  intensity zones. The more effort, the more MEPs

  • Monitor all of your exercise, nutrition and the results you achieve online

  • Track your progress and be accountable to set goals

  • Participate in club and personal challenges

  • Exclusive access to ZONE MATCHTM classes

  • Make exercise fun and get the results you want

Motivating You To Put In The Effort Required To Get The Results You Want.

WHY MYZONE®? Motivation is driven by feedback. Feedback keeps you on track. Staying on track delivers RESULTS. Monitor all of your exercise, nutrition and the results you achieve online

Move it, Prove It, Earn it, Share It!

TO GET STARTED TODAY! For more information speak to a member of staff at Hereford and Leominster Leisure Centres.