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Harley has been a Halo member at Hereford Leisure Pool for a couple of years now. Like many, she found the idea of attending the gym and classes a daunting prospect. That was until she finally got in there and gave it a go. Since then, we’ve struggled to keep her out. She’s even kept it up throughout her pregnancy!


Making adjustments

Harley began her Halo debut with spin and circuits classes. After realising how much she enjoyed it, she started making regular appearances at Hereford Leisure Pool and this continued into her pregnancy. Since discovering she was pregnant, the instructors have gone out of their way to accommodate her, even adapting the classes to ensure she can take part.

Harley said, “My circuits instructor’s Gareth and Ollie were aware of my situation so they understood when I used to sit out a lot of the ab exercises.

“They were really good and they said if there was an exercise that I couldn’t do, they’d change it up for me. It’s the same at spin. They even kept putting the fan near me. All the instructors have known me over time, so they were all aware of me being pregnant and were really helpful.”


An easy pregnancy

It took some persuading, but under the advice of her midwife, Harley stopped spin earlier in her pregnancy. However, she could still be found attending circuit’s classes at 20 weeks gone before deciding to stop. Nonetheless, Harley has become a connoisseur at listening to her body and still visits the gym to exercise within her limits. Harley believes staying fit is the reason she’s had such an easy pregnancy:

“I’ve had a really straightforward pregnancy, no swelling, nothing. I’ve exercised throughout and I think that’s why it’s been so good. I’ve had no complications at all.”

Her experience throughout her pregnancy has been further enhanced by the encouragement of those around her.

“All my experiences with people so far have been positive. I’ve had loads of compliments. Loads of people have been so kind here. It’s really nice.”


National Childbirth Trust guidelines

The NCT recommends exercising during pregnancy, stating that it is not only beneficial for the health of the pregnant women, but also for the unborn child too.

Sports that come with a higher level of risk such as horse riding or skiing ought to be avoided altogether. However, there’s no harm in trying your hand at exercise classes, the gym and swimming. The NCT simply recommend you adhere to the following safety checklist.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let our instructors at Halo know. We’re more than willing to accommodate. Alternatively, if you’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt why not take part in our Bridgend mum and baby classes? These include pram fit and baby yoga.

A number of our centres even have a crèche so you can leave your child in capable hands whilst you work out. Take a look at our wide range of exercise classes and swim timetable to see what’s on.