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We associate teenage years with hormonal tantrums, lie-ins until the afternoon and unwarranted rebellion. Yet for the most part, this is simply not true.

In actual fact, teenage years are a prime time to get out and learn new things. One of the most fulfilling ways to do this is to get involved in physical activity.


Getting set for the future

A healthy weight, strong muscles and bones, improved heart health and a good posture are to be gained through exercise during your teenage years.

Maintaining high fitness levels at an adolescent age also sets individuals up to be healthier later on in life, preventing future problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

In fact, those that get involved in sport and exercise young tend to continue this forward – particularly when they settle on a sport they love.


A happy, healthy lifestyle          

Throughout our time as a teenager, we’re processing a lot of changes – and this certainly isn’t helped by the number of hormones rushing around our body. Physical activity is a fantastic way to keep one's mental health in check.

Staying active boosts the body’s production of feel-good hormone endorphins, preventing the risk of depression, aiding a more restful sleep and increasing self-confidence dramatically.

According to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, exercise has a positive impact on cognitive skills such as concentration and attention. Those that partake in physical activity tend to achieve much higher grades.


Get fit and have fun!

NHS guidelines recommend teenagers get involved in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This should include a mixture of moderate exercise such as skateboarding or cycling, and vigorous activity like running and gymnastics.

At Halo Leisure, we want to encourage all teens to get fit and have fun. That’s why we’re offering 12-17 year olds the opportunity to access a huge range of Halo facilities over the summer for just £30. With Teen Fit Hit, teens can enjoy unlimited access to the gym, group exercise classes, swimming, golf, our athletics track and 50% off racket sports!

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