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From sing-a-longs and movie-thons to action-packed theme parks and timeless animated characters, Disney has infiltrated our lives in the most magical of ways. That’s why at Halo Leisure, we jumped at the opportunity to support the Disney-inspired physical activity campaign, ‘10 Minute Shake Ups’!

Fitness, fun and magic

The campaign - a joint effort between Change4Life and Disney - endeavours to bring all our favourite characters to life through a series of fun-filled children’s activities.

Aimed at ensuring kids stay more active, more often, the 10 Minute Shake Ups feature a huge host of 10-minute activity bursts (surprisingly) tied in with a Disney theme.

There’s something for every child to get stuck into, from ball games to dancing to swimming. Games include:

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Race

Marlin’s Jellyfish Dodge

Monster Tennis

Olaf’s Summer Dance

Carl Gregg, Halo’s Health and Fitness Manager said,

“The ‘10 Minute Shake Up’ games, with a touch of Disney magic, are a fantastic way to help your kids get the recommended 60 minutes or more of physical activity they need every day.

Being active helps your kids maintain a healthy weight and helps their heart and bones stay strong. Plus, playing together can also help them develop social skills and gain confidence.”

Shake up your summer

Now the summer holidays are here (and the weather seems to be on our side), there really is no better time to encourage your children to get fit and healthy.

As such, we’re offering children aged 8-11 years unlimited swimming over the summer for just £20! Teenagers aged 12-17 can also sign up to our Teen Fit Hit offer, giving them unlimited use of Halo’s facilities for just £30! Find out more about these fantastic offers here.