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Do you want to shed body fat? Are you looking to maintain your fitness? Most of us also want to have fun whilst doing that. Fortunately, swimming is the perfect solution!

Swimming is a hugely enjoyable sport that improves your physique, strengthens your heart and improves your mindset significantly.  

The perfect boost for body and soul

Where there are limitations in almost all sports, swimming is unique in that it offers virtually none. Many of our pools offer aqua classes to suit swimmers with a wide range of abilities, and we also have a specialist Hydrogym at Bridgend Life Centre.

Swimming also offers you a rare opportunity to exercise all areas of your body at one time. For instance:

  • Your muscles: aqua fitness is more effective at muscular toning than any land-based exercise. Water resistance is twelve times greater than air, so it’s like working with a light weight across your body!

  • Your lungs: the air in a pool has a higher level of moisture, making it easier to breathe. This is especially great for people with asthma. With time you can pick up better breathing techniques and increase your lung capacity.

  • Your skeletal system: water supports your body weight, which means less stress on your skeletal system. A heated pool is comfortable for your joints and will loosen your muscles in the same time.

  • Your mental health: as important as physical body health is, the effects of exercise on the mind cannot be understated. Statistics from the Journal of Physiology show that swimmers are 35% more positive and experience an increased blood flow to the brain up to 14%. Swimming boosts endorphins, relaxes you (even more than yoga, some would argue), renews your energy level and makes you smarter all in one hit.

Fun for all

If this wasn’t already enough, swimming is a fantastic opportunity to splash about with the kids and keep them healthy. Alternatively, it’s a great excuse to get them out of your hair for a couple of hours! With our junior summer swim passes you can do all of these things and more.

Over the six week summer holiday, we’re offering children between the ages of eight and eleven unlimited access to all Halo pools for just £20. Our junior passes are a valuable chance for your kids to make friends, learn new skills and keep active. Passes are available from 20th July. Pop into your local centre or get in touch to find out more today.