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When you’re a kid, summer holidays are the highlight of the year. It’s a time for no homework, lie-ins and six-whole-weeks of doing nothing.

But that nothing comes at a price. All too often, parents have problems keeping their kids busy and active - especially when they’re at work all day. If this describes you, here’s what you can do.

Hide the remote

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation kids between eight and eighteen spend nearly four hours a day in front of a TV, and two additional hours in front of another screen. It’s an easy way to keep them quiet. However, too much television can lead to childhood obesity and wayward behaviour.

Instead you should limit your children’s time in front of the TV and try to keep them busy with physical activity. It helps build muscles, improve balance and ensures children maintain a healthy weight.

Encourage a brain banquet

Your child’s brain is like a sponge; they are taking in information left, right and centre, and will become bored without the opportunity to do so. A stimulated brain encourages a better memory, a more positive mood, increased concentration and boosted motivation and self-confidence.

The best way to do this is to alternate between brain and body exercises. Swimming is a great example. Kids can exercise coordination and will have fun whilst learning some valuable life skills. Why not take advantage of our 6-week summer holiday swimming voucher providing unlimited pool access for kids aged  8-11?

Kick start the summer at Halo

Our summer holiday programme is another fantastic way for children to learn something new. Kids aged between 8 and 12 can get involved in a wide range of exciting activities from tennis to climbing, archery to cycling and much more.

Jam-packed with fun games and sports, our holiday programme is a brilliant opportunity for children to socialise and discover what they enjoy. You’ll be struggling to keep them in the house! Find out more about what’s on offer by getting in touch today.