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Wading through course bogs, negotiating high-voltage electric cables and gritting your teeth through ice-filled ponds – does this sound like your kind of thing? If the answer is yes, you’re one of the thousands in agreeance.

Obstacle course racing has dramatically taken flight over the past five years. From Tough Mudder to Halo’s very own Furlong Fury, annual participation has surpassed that of traditional half and full marathons combined.

To many, it’s considered the fastest growing sport in the world.

A continuing success

Demand for the sport crept up dramatically in 2011 and has continued its ascent ever since. According to Runner Click, there were 1 million obstacle course race registrants in 2011, surging up to 4.5 million in 2015. This number continues to rise at an unprecedented rate year on year.

So just what is it that makes obstacle course racing so appealing? The adrenaline? The camaraderie? The full-body fitness? Perhaps it’s simply the child-like nostalgia that comes with ploughing through muddy terrain.

Most likely, it’s a compelling mix of all these things and more. Obstacle course racing offers up a pinch of agility, a dollop of stamina, a pinch of unity and a large serving of fun.

There’s a little of something for everyone in each one - particularly for those who find pounding the pavement a little tedious.

Are you ready to get galloping?

This year, Halo Leisure will be launching into the obstacle course calendar with its very own Furlong Fury. Working with obstacle racing specialists, Urban Attack, Halo’s 5K race (or rather, 24 furlongs) will take runners around two laps of Hereford Racecourse and over (and under) at least 20 obstacles.

Obstacles include cargo nets, ninja walls, monkey bars, but competitors will have to wait until the big day to see exactly what’s in store.

Runners are encouraged to walk, trot, canter or gallop the course. Whether you want to test your comradeship and run as a team, or simply compete against yourself, you’re guaranteed to find something to get stuck into – and of course that includes mud!

Find out more about this event and get involved by visiting