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Women across the world are being encouraged to drop their reserves and don their sports kit as part of Sport England’s empowerment campaign This Girl Can. To help spur them on, Halo Leisure has been doing all it can to boost the movement and break down barriers.

Overcoming obstacles

The gender gap in sport and fitness is not a new topic of conversation. Nonetheless, the disproportion remains substantial. Two million fewer women aged 14-40 play sport less regularly than men, with a massive 7.1 million held back as a result.

A whopping 75% of women said they want to be more active but something is stopping them. Obstacles including appearance, ability, and priorities present difficult hurdles that many struggle to overcome.

‘I swim because I love my body, not because I hate it’ and ‘unleash your inner beginner’ are just some of the campaign’s motivational messages used to liberate women from the fear of judgment.

The big message This Girl Can seeks to promote is that action builds resilience. If more women get involved in exercise, then others will be encouraged to do the same.

Widening the sporting community

The great news is it’s already working. This Girl Can has helped women get active in over 110 countries.

Thanks to inspirational TV ads, posters, billboards and sponsorship from devoted industry sponsors like Halo, 41% of women say they have been encouraged to get involved in more activity. That’s 2.8 million women across the UK!

But the campaigning doesn’t stop there. Exercise is a fantastic way to make friends, have fun and get fit. So if you can relate to the thousands of women feeling held back from sport, stand up and say ‘yes I can!’

Halo is even offering a FREE 7 day pass across all its centers to help you get started. This includes gym, swim, racket sports, climbing, group exercises and more. Want a piece of the action? Activate your complimentary 7-day pass here - no catch and no obligation!