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Swimming with confidence - Halo Helps!

Over the next few weeks we will be taking you through the inspirational stories of some of our amazing members. Including stories of weight loss, radical life changes and just plain old getting active again...

John learned to swim at Ross Swimming Pool, using the adult lessons to get active and learn to swim so that he could enjoy holidays more with his family.


John Says:

“I never learned to swim as a child. It wasn’t that I was frightened of water – I know that is the reason too many adults never learn – it was because I had bronchitis and was never encouraged into water. And while I encouraged my children to learn when they came along, I never dared give it a go as an adult myself. There were too many memories of cold, damp, dirty changing rooms, cold showers, rushed lessons and that fear of bronchitis coming back.

That changed when my grandchild arrived and the water beckoned once more. I signed up to Halo’s adult class – twice. The first 12-week course wasn’t enough for me, and so I signed up for a second. And I am so glad I did. I now am in the pool twice a week and benefiting from 1-to-1 lessons to build my swimming skills. I’ve realised that this is not just about having fun with grandchildren, but about my own health too. Swimming has helped build my strength and lose over two stones in weight. The staff have been brilliant, and all those old memories of what swimming pools used to be like have been replaced with private changing rooms, hot showers, and peaceful pools that permit me to go at my own pace.

I know it can be embarrassing to admit you can’t swim as a fully grown adult, but the staff at Halo are patient and everyone else on the programme is in the same boat. I see now that the thing that really would have left me red faced when I am older is not doing anything about this – and so missing out on all I am enjoying now.”

Check out the video above to see John talking us through his experience and how Halo has helped him.

Stay tuned for some more inspiring stories. Maybe you will be featured one day? Let us know, how has Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps

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